Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pantai Bungus

Bungus Beach is located in a quiet bay Bungus. Beautiful natural scenery. The hills that surround the beach looks like tower of view toward the sea.

Sloping beaches with white sand that is suitable for a variety of recreation such as swimming, diving, sunbathing or boating towards small islands not far from the beach Bungus.

Located 20 km south of Padang, or 1.5 hours of travel, the beach is easily reached by land transportation. On the beach available tourist facilities such as beach umbrellas and chairs for lazy sunbathing.

Shape resembles a crescent beach. Warm seawater and is safe for swimming. From here, you can menjelejahi oceans to shore-Nearest beach off the coast of Padang as Sirandah Island, Sikowi, Bintangur, Pasumpahan and other islands.

The islands are very good as a tourist attraction marina, have white sandy beaches and colorful marine park colorful surrounding. To get there, you can hire a speedboat or sailboat owned by residents in the Gulf Bungus. From the Coast Bungus to the islands it takes ± 75 minutes.

If you do not want wasteful of energy, simply relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset at this amazing bay. Sitting under a shady palm tree in the vicinity of the beach is also exciting. Or eat seafood (seafood) and other dishes at the restaurants that dot the beach.

There is one activity that is also often acted on the Beach Bungus travelers, namely fishing. Really delicious.

On holidays it is always crowded tourist invaded visitors. The height from sea level of about 1 meter. Beach temperatures between 24-30 degrees Celsius and humidity 85% on average. From silhuet sun in the eastern horizon, looming Banana Island and the Gulf Bayur in the south.

All that beauty can be enjoyed through a number of facilities. Among them, hut Minang architecture tours, children's pool, several seating (shelter) for the relaxed look at the high seas, jogging track, parking area and safe, children's play area and camping ground capacity of 300 people.

The breeze was cool when entering the gates of the Garden of Nirvana. Palm trees around the park was seen waving. Shore wind made the atmosphere around grow cool. Meanwhile, jogging along the path can be done while enjoying a variety of flora and fauna that live in the surrounding forests, such as Weasel (Paradoxorus Hermaproditus), Tupai (Callosiorus Notatus) and monkey (Presbytis Cristata).

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