Museum at Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan

Bukittinggi Zoo also features the Museum of Zoology and ornamental fish aquarium.

Paragliding in Puncak Lawang

This location can be reached by landline. There are two alternative pathways to get to Puncak Lawang, namely from the west and the east.

Danau Singkarak

Lake Singkarak located in two districts in West Sumatra, Kabupaten Solok and Tanah Datar.

Lembah Anai

Overview of the Anai valley waterfall, this is one of the conservation area is highly guarded nature preserve ecosystem.

Pacu Kudo

Horses spur each in July held in Bukittinggi, is traditionally the most popular sport in West Sumarera.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Koto Gadang

According to the history of the Magari Koto Gadang, Kecamatan IV Koto Agam began to be established in the late 17th century. A group of people from Pariangan Padang Panjang come to this area to open new land for settlement, fields and rice paddies. An area formerly known as Bukit Kepanasan chosen as the new location. Because this area is rapidly evolving, and new area was named Koto Gadang.

Nagari Koto Gadang including pioneers in the field of education. In 1856 in this area has been established by the Village School 3-year study period. Early Dutch occupation government has marked that students from Agam, is diligent students, tenacious and smart, especially from the Koto Gadang. Then set up a separate entity called studiefonds (student funding). The foundation was established to raise funds from the villagers to send their children to study in Java, even in the Netherlands.

The spirit of a young child's learning Koto Gadang high and strong support from the community, proved fruitless. According to one report, in 1915, as many as 165 men from Koto Gadang has been working as an employee of the Dutch government. Nearly half (79 people) to work outside the Minangkabau region. A total of 72 people of whom spoke fluent Dutch. It's being a proof of their good education. Up to now there are still many local people, especially the older generation, who is fluent in Dutch.

In 1926 medical school graduates Stovia Jakarta from Minangkabau are 32 people, most of them are citizens of Koto Gadang. Sixteen years later, in 1942 a remarkable surge, as many as 40 residents Koto Gadang Stovia graduated from medical school.

Mochtar Naim 1967 study showed that of the 2,666 residents of Koto Gadang, 467 or 17.5% were university graduates. Of whom 168 people become doctors, engineers be 100, 160 people finished a law degree, and about 10 people doktorandus economic and social science fields other. Next in 1970, as many as 58 more people pass the university. With the achievements of 525 graduates (not including the baccalaureate degree), Koto Tower which has a population of less than 3,000 people, a record unbeaten by villages / anywhere village, as the village has the highest degree even in developed countries as it once did.

No wonder the number of national leaders from Koto Tower, namely Agus Salim, Sutan Sjahril, Syahrir, Ed Zoelferdi and many other national and international figures. Until now had more than 30 sons and daughters Koto Gadang which holds the title of professor, such as Prof Emil Salim, Prof Dr Nuzirwan Acang, Prof Fadil Oenzil, etc. As well as no less than ten sons Koto Gadang also has held the rank of generals and high-ranking officers.

Saturday January 26, 2013, Nagari Koto Gadang again recorded history. Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ir Tifatul Sembiring dedicate Janjang Koto Gadang. Husks (stairs) along the one kilometer is inspired by the famous Great Wall of China as one of the seven wonders of the world. Because it is long and slender architectural style is somewhat similar to the Great Wall China. Janjang Nagari Koto Gasanf connet towards Ngarai Sianok, a route that has a long history since the colonial era.

This object adds longer an icon for tourism in West Sumatra, particularly Agam district. On the other hand it shows a concern momentum and cohesiveness residents of West Sumatra, both of which are at home, or who are overseas. This building is the result of cooperation existing Minang people in the village and on the shoreline.

by Yongki Salmeno

Mercure Padang Hotel

Mercure Padang Hotel is strategically located in Padang new development area near by government offices, banks and other business activity within an easy walk to Purus beach, 45 minutes driving from Minangkabau International Airport and only a short drive to old Muaro river port and china town.

For centuries, Padang is well-known as a trade center. There are some tourist destinations surrounding Padang such as Bukit Tinggi and Mentawai Island. Mercure Padang is a perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Mercure Padang features 146 contemporary modern designed rooms with swimming pool or ocean view with comfortable twin or queen size bed.

Room Facilities :
TV Channels
Broadband Internet Connectivity
IDD telephone
Safe Deposit Box
Mini Bar and Coffee/Tea Facilities
Hair Dryer
Hot Shower
Laundry Bag
Electronic Door Key
24 Hours Room Service

Atlantis Restaurant
Mercure Padang invites you to a gourmet trip with tasting of regional specialties from breakfast to lunch, dinner or a tasty light bites. Fresh foods and delicious tastes are the main concerned to create your own fascinating dining experience.

Facilities & Services
- Airport transfer
- Internet cable - WIFI
- Fitness centre
- Swimming Pool
- Spa
- Lounge
- Business Centre open 24 hours
- 24 hours room service
- Laundry service

Mercure Padang Hotel
Jln. Purus IV no. 8 Padang 25116 - Indonesia
Phone : +62 - 751 891188
Fax : +62 - 751 891891
Email :

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jenjang 40

Bukittinggi is known as the City Tour, with the Clock Tower, Canyon and Hole Sianok Japang as its icon. Icon actually have one more, namely: Ladder 40 (Jenjang 40).

To contact the Pasar Atas to Pasar Bawah and PasarBanto built Jejang 40. Indeed there are stair on the ladder of 100 pieces. Established in 1898 became the Assistant Westeenek Agam.

Bunch of stairs or ladder alias number 40 is located at the rear of Pasar Atas Bukittinggi. That's when we see it from the famous Clock Tower. But for those who come from the Market or Jalan Soekarno Hatta Banto that connects the city of Bukittinggi in Payakumbuh, the slender 40 is the gateway to the Upper Market Bukittinggi.

Actually the number 40 was rung bunch more than 40 pieces, exactly 100 pieces of stairs. That is, if counted from the bottom step of Youth started the sidewalk. Then why in the name the bunch at 40?

40 This figure is the number of steps contained in the steepest part at the very top of the bunch is 40. Ladder is to connect the Pasar Atas to Pasar Banto and Pasar Bawah.

For those of you who to Bukittinggi, it certainly is not complete if it did not visit the Ladder 40. Initially many merchants selling at this level. However, since in recent years, the region is free from the merchant. Only on the left and right levels are still a store or shop there.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hotel Benteng

Benteng Hotel located above hill downtown of Bukittinggi, so that you can looking to town of Bukittinggi encircled by mountain of Singgalang & Merapi. And close to object of wisata famous like, Fortress of Fort de Kock, Clock Tower, Sianok Canyon, Japanese Tunnel & Panorama Park.

Perfectly suited to business travelers or weekenders who enjoy the leisurely hospitality of Bukittinggi by day and its energy by night. Within walking distances of Bukittinggi best shopping, restaurants and tourist object.

From Benteng Hotel you can enjoy the scenic views surrounding the city of Bukittinggi with beautiful mountains, forest and valleys.

The Hotel Benteng is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests to Bukittinggi. The Hotel Benteng boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. This Bukittinggi accommodation contains all of the facilities and conveniences you would expect from a hotel in its class. Along with its convenient location in Bukittinggi, the hotel also offers a wide range of services and facilities to the guests. This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of Bukittinggi, making it a distinct accommodation.

There are television, internet access – LAN, air conditioning in each of the hotel's well-equipped rooms. Guests will enjoy the hotel's excellent facilities and services including shops, laundry service/dry cleaning, bar/pub. Unwind after your day with a choice of garden - just a few of the hotel's excellent sporting and leisure offerings. With its commitment to service and focus on hospitality, you'll enjoy your stay at Hotel Benteng.
Hotel Benteng
Jl.Benteng No.1
Sumatera Barat
Tlp: +6275221115 / 22128
Fax: +62 752 22596


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