Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Danau Maninjau

Maninjau Lake is a lake in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam regency, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. The lake is located about 140 km north of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra. Maninjau which is a volcanic lake is located at a height of 461.50 meters above sea level. Size Maninjau approximately 99.5 km ² and has a maximum depth of 495 meters. Cekungannya formed by the eruption of Mount Marapi. According to the legend in Ranah Minang, the existence of Lake Maninjau closely related to the story of Bujang Nine.

The lake is listed as the eleventh largest lake in Indonesi. While in West Sumatra, Maninjau is the second largest lake after Lake Batur which has an area of 129.69 km ² are located in two districts of Tanah Datar and Solok district. In the vicinity of Lake Maninjau there are dozens of tourist facilities like hotels.
Danau Maninjau or Lake Maninjau, meaning ' to look out across', is a volcanic crater lake located 38km west of Bukittinggi. Situated at 461m above sea level, the air is cool and pleasant. The lake is 17kms long and 8kms at it's widest and reaches to depths of 480m in some places.

Lake Maninjau is one of the top travel destinations in Sumatra. A peaceful, relaxing place to sit and relax and enjoy the views of the lake.

The road from Bukkittinggi offers some spectacular views of the blue lake and surrounding hills. On the way down there are terraced rice fields. There are quiet a few coffee shops perched on the hill to stop and enjoy the view.

There are 44 hairpin turns on the journey down to the lake from the top of the mountain. Each of these turns are conveniently numbered on cigarette advertising billboards.
About a third of the way down the road is lined with small monkeys waiting for fruit or food to be thrown from passing cars. These are wild monkeys and should not be approached too closely as they are vicious.

On the other side of Lake Maninjau, directly across from Maninjau village are some hot volcanic springs, close to the village of Mukomuko.

Getting to Danau Maninjau

To get there go to the bus terminal in Bukittinggi and there are regular buses going to Danau Maninjau. Cost is 13,000Rp and the trip takes around one and a half hours traveling past scenic terraced rice fields and great views of the Lake as you pass down through 44 hairpin turns to get to the lake.

To get back to Bukittinggi just wait on the main road and there are regular buses.

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