Museum at Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan

Bukittinggi Zoo also features the Museum of Zoology and ornamental fish aquarium.

Paragliding in Puncak Lawang

This location can be reached by landline. There are two alternative pathways to get to Puncak Lawang, namely from the west and the east.

Danau Singkarak

Lake Singkarak located in two districts in West Sumatra, Kabupaten Solok and Tanah Datar.

Lembah Anai

Overview of the Anai valley waterfall, this is one of the conservation area is highly guarded nature preserve ecosystem.

Pacu Kudo

Horses spur each in July held in Bukittinggi, is traditionally the most popular sport in West Sumarera.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lembah Harau

Lembah Harau (Harau Valley) is about ten miles from downtown Payakumbuh. Entering the Lembah Harau, like being in a fortress. High ridge fence around 150-200 meters. Cliff was upright with sturdy that surrounds the valley. Fences steep rocky cliffs and straight challenge for sport rock climbing.

Currently Lembah Harau valley region has become Harau Valley Park and has about 5 waterfalls, namely 1 waterfall in Aka Barayun and 4 waterfalls in Sarasah Bunta, all of which are stunning waterfalls. The height of each waterfall varies between 50-90 meters. The waterfall flows from the top of a cliff which stretches along the valley Harau, poured cold water and very clear.

Most of the population edged Harau search as a farmer. Paddy fields stretching all the way from the waterfall the other one towards another waterfall in the forest. Unfortunately around waterfalls stand lapak2 reply if it is currently closed. This stall will be open on Saturdays and Sundays only. Plastic-roofed shanties blue and orange, very disturbing beauty waterfall amidst the forest.

For those of you who have a hobby of climbing the cliffs, ideal for adrenaline challenge, testing the height of the cliff Lembah Harau. Lembah Harau Valley itself is a tourist attraction that is quite old, because it exists and is estimated to have visited since 1926. There is a monument to prove it, situated near Waterfall Sarasah Bunta, and is a Dutch heritage. F Rinner, Assistant Resident of the Netherlands, the undersigned at the monument.

In addition to Waterfall Lembah Harau, there are also nature reserves and wildlife reserves which has an area about 270 hectares. Some species exist and are protected in nature reserves and wildlife reserves Valley Harau include Long Tailed Monkey, Gibbon, Tiger, Bear, Tapir, Hedgehog, Goats Forest, Bird Kuau, hornbills and other. A garden tour will also be built to complement all existing facilities.

The beauty and charm of natural scenery Lembah Harau is very complete. Since the beginning of entering the area of ​​tourism, we will be pampered with natural gaps, waterfalls, cliffs and several caves. In addition to natural attractions, was built as well as the camp facilities, pool and walkways that can be used for hiking around the jungle in the area of ​​tourism.
Go to Lembah Harau, can be reached from the terminal Aur Kuning, Bukittinggi. Towards a regency which is 45 kilometers from Bukittinggi. By using the bus Payakumbuh department which is 15 kilometers from the Lembah Harau, can proceed with the bus Sari Lama. Travel time from Payakumbuh can be reached in half an hour.
Lembah Harau tourist sites was divided into two places where you can choose, namely Sarasah Bunta and Aka Barayun. If you choose a more natural, you can get through Sarasah Bunta who has a five waterfalls with views of the pristine. Whereas if you expect to get a more complete facilities, Aka Barayun was the one who should be chosen because in addition to having a waterfall, Aka Barayun has also built a swimming pool and cottages and resorts.

In Aka Barayun Lembah Harau, you can also meilihat breeding butterflies, see some animals at the Zoo, and tried to climb the traditional transportation of West Sumatra, Bendi. Who want to climb the cliffs can also be done from the root of Swings, where cliff climbing facilities are well constructed, so that we can rise up to the summit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hill Lembah Harau.

If only enjoy it from the bottom only, you will feel like in the castle, because of the cliffs that surround the height you can reach 200 meters. Siege of a very high cliff that is what makes Lembah Harau like being in the natural fortress. You can shout loudly, and your voice will sound reflections.

The cost is relatively cheap. Just need to pay entrance fee of Rp. 2.000, - only per person. For lodging a relatively expensive if you need to stay here. It costs ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per night.

Legend Lembah Harau was also there. That said, there is a kingdom on the cliff, and below is the ocean. The king's daughter has the desire to marry a man, but opposition from their parents so choose to plunge herself into the sea. King then asked all the people dry the seas in search of her beloved child's body but also not to be found, even to the sea has dried.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bukittinggi Profile

The City of Bukittinggi is one of the cities in West Sumatera Province. Bukittinggi city is geographically located between 100.210 and 100.250 degrees east longitude between 00.760 00.190 degrees latitude south. Bukittinggi City area in the north bordering the Agam regency, in the east to the Agam regency while the western border with Agam regency and the south by Agam District. The total area of 25.24 km2 Bukittinggi city which is divided into three districts.

Tourism and shopping are two things that can not be separated from the life of this city. Of natural beauty in some of the areas main attraction. Trade center was so easy to find. Small town which covers only 0.06 percent of the area of West Sumatra province is popularly known as the Town Clock Tower.

Clock Tower, which means the big clock at the same time become a symbol of downtown. From the tower where stands the Clock Tower is tourism activities and shopping can begin. Because the nuances of historical places which witnessed urban development in the past such as the former residence of Bung Hatta, Fort Fort de Kock, and holes Japan is not far from it. The city also has facilities and adequate supporting infrastructure such as 60 hotels and 15 travel agencies.

Bukittinggi is also known as a city of trade and services. The presence of Upper Market, market bottom, and Simpang Pasar Aur, Aur Market Yellow or well known. The market is one of the container communities of economic activity. Unless other markets that sell retail goods, Aur Kuning Market specializes in demand for goods in bulk or wholesale. Similarly, the Tanah Abang Market in Jakarta, as well as local people call this market as the Land of His brother Bukittinggi. Aur Kuning Market is the largest with buildings occupying 12,872 square meters. Inside there are 1340 units of shops and plots los 3557 units which are all fully charged.
In the center of craft, In this city, especially local handicrafts embroidery that adorn various model kebaya and mukena offered. Bukittinggi original embroidery designs typically utilize techniques that pertained directly rather complicated and time-consuming.

The city of Bukittinggi is also considered to be very suitable as a city of education. Education in relatively advanced high hill in the appeal other areas in West Sumatera.

Flights To Bukittinggi

Until today there has been no direct flights to Bukittinggi. But this cold city lies not so far from Minangkabau International Airport. The journey from the airport is only around 1.5 hours.

Landed in BIM, you will not be difficult to get transportation to Bukittinggi. There are official taxi at the airport. When bored in a taxi, you can also use the bus. Only, you would have to exit the airport first before getting the bus at the intersection Ketaping hung.

Flights to BIM quite a lot. Not just local flights, but there are also cross-country flight. A number of airlines that already have fixed schedules to and from Minangkabau International Airport are:



Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi

Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi, The first 4-star hotel in West Sumatra in facilities as well as in its professional and hospitality service. Your first choice if you hunger for intimacy in every room. Pusako Hotel is equipped with recreational, sports, and business facilities, restaurant, conference rooms, and swimming pool. To relax with your family or friends in the evenings Experience musical entertainment and cultural shows.
Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi situated in 5-hectares of beautiful landscaped gardens on a hill side with far reaching views outlined by the legendary mountains of Merapi and Singgalang.

Only 90 minutes drive from Padang, the Capital City of West Sumatra Province, Indonesia, or from Minangkabau International Airport and easily accessible, about 50 minutes, by plane from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or 90 minutes flight from Jakarta, the Capital City of the Republic of Indonesia

165 rooms consisting of 136 Deluxe, 12 Executive Deluxe, 8 Family Rooms, 2 Kid's Suite, 6 Junior Suites and 1 Presidential Suite.

Each room is designed with traditional Minang motif mixed with modern comforts.
    * Comfortable double/twin beds
    * Private bathroom with shower or tub
    * Color Remote TV Satellite Programs
    * In-house Video Program
    * IDD Telephone
    * Electricity : AC 220/50 cycles
    * Private Balcony
    * Refrigerator
    * Hairdryers in Executive Deluxe Rooms, Family Rooms, Kids Suites, Junior Suites and Presidential Suite.
    * Sockets for shavers
Other Facilities

* Jambalero Brasserie
* Parenai Theatre Restourant
* 24 hours Room Service
* Tennis Court
* Jogging Track
* Children Playground
* Billiard
* Giant Chees
* Mini Basketball
* Pagatok Louge Bar
* Fitness Center
* Laundry & Valet
* Safe Deposit Box


Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi
Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 7,
Bukittinggi 26169
Sumatra Barat - Indonesia
Phone. 62-752-32111
Fax. 62-752-32667, 21017
Reservations Hotline : 62-752-34842


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