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Pesta Tabuik Pariaman

Residents Pariaman City has a tradition unique to enliven the Islamic new year, called "Tabuik". The tradition has been maintained since the year 1829, it lasted from 1 to 10 Muharam. Tabuik party presents nuanced cultural attractions are legendary Islamic.

The party marked the opening of this Tabuik Taaruf thousands of students march MDA, TPA, TPSA and communities around the city. After the parade Taaruf, the feast began. During that time, made two "Tabuik", which will be paraded on 10 Muharram.

During these ten days, also held a variety of cultural arts performances Pariaman Nagari children, namely Rabab Pariaman, Gandang Tassa, Randai, Kuruang Shirt Contest, Poetry and Dance Minang.

Also held fairs and exhibitions of various products of small and medium enterprises and export commodities of Pariaman. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive for the party "Tabuik", both domestic and foreign tourists.

"Tabuik" is a three-tiered casket made of wood, rattan and bamboo with a height of 15 meters and weighs about 500 pounds.

The bottom Tabuik large horse-shaped body with wings wide and headed "woman" beautiful long hair.

Horse fat is made from rattan and bamboo with smooth velvet upholstered black and on four legs there are pictures of scorpions facing upwards.

The horse is a symbol Bouraq, vehicles that have the ability to fly as fast as lightning.

The middle Tabuik arch-shaped patch of that size getting onto the bigger. At the gate was attached carving motifs typical Minangkabau.

At the bottom and top gate plugged "Bungo salapan" (eight flowers) shaped umbrella with a base color paper or batik-patterned carving.

Peak Tabuik large umbrella decorated with velvet cloth and wrapped in decorative paper which is also patterned carvings. Above the statue is plugged umbrella white dove.

Tabuik leg consists of four wooden beams cross with a length of about 20 meters. Blocks were used to carry and "menghoyak" Tabuik performed by 100 adults.

Tabuik made by two community groups Pariaman, a group of Market and Subarang group. Tabuik made jointly, involving cultural and historical experts and community leaders since the 1-9 Muharam a cost of tens of millions of dollars.

History of "Party Tabuik"

In the history of Pariaman, Tabuik first introduced members of the Islamic forces "Thamil" which became part of British forces head Gen. Thomas Stamfort Raffles.

pestatabuikdipariaman2pg5.jpgSaat the British ruled the province of Bengkulu in 1826. Thamil forces, the Muslim plumpness Tabuik party held every year, which in Bengkulu named "Tabot".

After the agreement March 17, 1829 London, UK should leave the Bengkulu and receive a Dutch colony in Singapore.

In contrast the Netherlands are entitled to British colonial areas in Indonesia, including Sumatra, Bengkulu and other areas.
British troops "leave" from Bengkulu, but the troops "Thamil" chose to survive and escape to Pariaman, West Sumatra, who was famous as a busy port area on the west coast of Sumatra island.

Because the majority Muslim Thamil forces, they can be accepted by society Pariaman who was also being entered into the teachings of Islam.

There was integration and unity, including in the field of socio-cultural.

One of the cultural assimilation is shown through Feast Tabuik. Even Tabuik eventually become an integral tradition of civic life Pariaman.

Meaning Tabuik party intended to commemorate the deaths of two grandsons of Prophet Muhammad SAW, namely Hasan and Husayn, who led the Muslim army in a skirmish against the Bani Umayyad in the war of Karbala in Mecca.

In battle, Husayn's death is not natural. Some Muslims believe the corpse was carried into the sky Husain using "Bouraq" with the coffin called Ark.

Vehicle Bouraq symbolized by the form of horse-headed fat beautiful women into the main part of building Tabuik.

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