Monday, November 15, 2010

Gunung Singgalang

Climb Mount Singgalang. Singgalang mountain is a volcano that is no longer active. The mountain is located in the province of West Sumatera. Mount Merapi adjacent to the mountain is located at an altitude above the surface laut.Ia 2.877meter famous for its forests are very humid conditions, because it has a lot of water content.

Singgalang is a beautiful and scenic volcano, and unlike its neighbor, Merapi, it is old and extinct. Within the crater of the volcano is a beautiful lake known as Telago Dewi.

The volcano is one of the two peaks rising south of the city of Bukkinggi. The other volcano is Marapi Volcano.

Singgalang is climbed much less often than its sister peak, Marapi Volcano, so the trails are rougher and harder to follow. A local guide may be useful in locating the trail.

To reach Singgalang, first take a bus to Bikittinggi, which is easy to get to from any of Sumatra's major cities. From Bikittinggi, make your way to the bus terminal in the southeast part of the city. From there, locate a minibus headed for Kotabaru. Ask the driver to drop you off at "Kachil ik Singgalang" or "the trail to Singgalang" or "Kachi ik Pandai" or "the trail to a place called Pandai Sikek".

Mount Singgalang can be reached from several paths. However, the famous route is through rural Koto Baru and Pandai Sikek. From Koto Baru village we will take the route to the Village Pandai Sikek. From this village is the starting point towards Tower (RCTI and TVRI transmitter located at the waist of the mountain Singgalang). Tower Towards this transmitter we will pass the paved roads that climb, the closer to the tower of his way more and not good and full of pebbles and on his left and right side there are fields of agriculture population. Pandai Sikek Village is also famous for its sugar cane fields and place of manufacture saka (brown sugar).

After reaching the Tower transmitters we can make this area as a resting place (shelter) before continuing the journey to the summit. From the tower, we will pass pimpiang woods about 1 hour. This forest consists of a high pimpiang plants and ducked, so that requires climbers to walk crouched, and even sitting and crawling. But now, through the woods is getting easier, because the top of the plant is cut off, so we no longer need to stoop to pass through.

After passing pimpiang we will find a place called "Mata Air I", in this place down to the bottom we will find the river water taken for supplies.

From the first spring we will travel routes that climb up the rock, with an average slope of about 45 degrees. More to the summit we will find many beautiful fern trees and past the tracks a slightly damp and dense forest. On the left or right track we found the electric poles and wires that can be used as a guide to get to the top. But for some people, this is very disturbing. Beautiful views of forests damaged by electric poles on both sides, not to mention the fad will calculate approximately how much longer before the mast to the top.
Travel route before the normal time-consuming rock about 5 hours depending on fast or the slow movement of our journey. From rock to the summit takes about 1 hour. Rock consists of a yellow solid rocks, overgrown beard and Rhododendron trees mountains, and occasionally we will find edelweiss flower, although very rarely encountered and require a keen eye to find it. On the way later on we will also find an obelisk monument called Galapagos.

From this rock we could see off in the direction of the mountain scenery Marapi located right in front. If lucky, we could see the town of Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, and Danau Singkarak from the rock. However, during the day, the mountain is often shrouded in fog Singgalang. If you want to get a better view of the exotic set up a tent in the rock and watch the sunrise and other exotic sights in the morning.

After passing the rock, we will re-entering the forest area is more humid and the trees are covered with thick moss. Not long after that we got to the Telago Dewi. Telago Dewi is often shrouded in fog. If you are fond of photography, when the lake was clear, the sooner the better to get his picture, because the fog is very friendly to play there.

Surrounding the lake this Goddess does not take a long time, but the charm of truly natural and exotic will make us comfortable to linger in the humid and wet forests. In the vicinity of this lake we met a very dense forest moss and some plants semar bag.

Area camp located in the vicinity of the lake and pond water that can be used for needs makes it convenient to several days in Singgalang. The atmosphere is cool and quiet is a sensation for those who want off fatigue in the wild.

Many who arrived at Singgalang only reached the Telago Dewi alone. But there's more Singgalang peak reached about half to 1 hour that leads the summit. At its peak, we will find a transmitter tower, which is the estuary of the electrical poles are encountered along the road.

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