Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ikan Sakti Sungai Janiah

Janiah River, precisely in the area of Baso direction to Pekanbaru and Bukittinggi found acceptable reality with magical fish called 'River Janiah' (clear) with tabek (pool) and with the shade of large trees in the neighborhood.

The fish was so tame-tame but do not make the local communities and travelers to catch him, let alone eat it, even though the form of fish similar to other common fish anatomy.

Certainly the mood or the event is closely related to an old story, that is with Once Upon a thriving community center used to be a mother who was very fond of small children who would expect a footstool in his family.

Because of inadvertence and negligence of the mother of the child to play to the wide river and clear which happened at the time there were crowds village children. When fun to play, there seems to be 'residents' or subtle creatures that invites children to play with him earlier.

Finally the children forgot to go home, while the mother also will not forget her child, so her mother remembers her son, sought the boy, apparently the child nor found. During the hold, on a night dreaming of the mother, that her son was still there playing in the river Janiah, go to feed into the river, will be met. The fact every fish feed was still out, so that her son had been turned into a fish nan according to the final magic dream.

Now, the big pond at the foot of the hill was still a lot of fish. In clear water the fish are big and small seem to swim with delight. Most of it was very tame. The fish will come if we scramble down into the pool while throwing food.

Become an agreement not to arrest people around the fish. Because, in accordance with the trust that develops, the fish should not be arrested. And anyone who caught it would be damned.

Whether true or not such beliefs. Only, because it was never caught, the fish there continues to increase in number and growing.

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