Monday, September 20, 2010

Pantai Aia Manih

Aia Manih Beach become a favorite tourist sites in Padang. The Legend of Malin Kundang will greet travelers when stepping on toes in the sand, whitish brown.

Pile of stones and reliefs decorate the story of Malin Kundang coastal resorts are crowded with visitors at holiday time. The legend says that a large stone is a big ship and the bodies of Malin Kundang stranded. According to folk legend, Malin Kundang and his ship was cursed into stone because of disobedience to parents.

Broad sloping beach at the Beach Aia Manih offers to play for the visitors. Even in the tide, visitors can see marine life that sticking to the surface. With walking, you also can go to Little Banana Island is not far from the edge of Aia Manih Beach. The island is not so broad, can be used as a retreat for a moment while enjoying some food that had been prepared.

Small Banana Island Guava tree decorated with Kaliang that you can enjoy the visitors for free. But remember, do not be too long to enjoy the atmosphere on the island. Because, a few hours later, the tide will gradually increase as in the past so that access to Little Banana Island can not be reached on foot.

Quite often, the youth in the city of Padang is also utilizing Manih Aia Coast as a place to camp. The waves rolled across the region also used by surfers for surfing. Access to the beach tourist area can be addressed Manih Aia from several directions. The beach is located in the Southern District of Padang, can be reached by land travel approximately 30 minutes from downtown.

Gunung Padang from any region, tourists can take Aia Manih Beach on foot. The railway was quite tiring but it gives the experience an enjoyable adventure. A number of accommodation (homestay) can be found on the beach Aia Manih if you want to spend the night in the tourist area. Regarding the price, it is said is said is not too expensive because of the local community managed.

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Pantai yang penuh legenda,, pantai aia manih merupakan pantai yang sangat terkenal di manca negara. Terbukti banyak wisatawan asing yang berkunjung ke sana...

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