Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goa Lobang Jepang

Located in the upper Canyon Panorama attractions Sianok, the central town of Bukittinggi. Sightseeing tours are crowded local and foreign tourists, especially on Sundays and other holidays.

This hole is actually more accurately described as a tunnel (bunker) Japan. Built in 1943 for defense purposes the Japanese army in World War II, this hole was made on the orders of the Army Military Government of Japan (Army Twenty Five) to Sumatra, which is located in Bukittinggi in Sumatera Defense Army commander under General Watanabe.

Seeing the city's hilly topography, valleys and canyons of this, the generals Watanabe ordered to build a tunnel that is more popular with the Japanese name of the hole. Development was done with human power by force (Romusha Kinsohoshi) for military needs. Initially voluntary, then turned into forced labor (Romusha).

Many workers imported from Java. Because the work must be hunted down, many workers who died at work, came into being tired and not fed. Those who disobey are beaten or shot to death inhuman.

The tunnel is made at a depth of 40-50m, below the ground hard enough bercadas tengan line 2 meters. The length of 1470 meters, is divided into 20 rooms consisting of bedroom, the room hideaway, treatment room, kitchen room, the room prison and ammunition warehouses. Making room deliberately winding with a number of indoor trap. When the survey is conducted prior to the renovation by the city of Bukittinggi in the 1970, still found some equipment that had rotted, including samurai swords.

Two of the mouth of the tunnel that is currently visible, one leading to the canyon Sianok and the other one on the cliff of the entrance to the park attractions Panorama. The function of the mouth of the tunnel other than as an entry, as well as ventilation to the outside world watching.

This Japanese hole by the City of Bukittinggi as one object Cave Tour. After various renovations, completed lamp. At the entrance is made stairs leading into the tunnel, which is divided into two parts and is limited to iron pipe; one part to the inflow and one other side to flow out. As a complement to information about the existence

Japan's higher aperture Hill has 3 main door (street Canyon Sianok, Panorama and park complex next to the palace of Bung Hatta) and 6 emergency exit. But this time, only the entrance on the park panorama that is used as the entrance the visitors while the other doors closed.

This artificial cave has a length of about 1.5 kilometers, but now many are closed for security reasons, leaving 750 meters. The atmosphere in the ditch japan was cool. With fluorescent lighting at some point create a mystical atmosphere in it. Perhaps the Japanese tour guide hole, there is one room that also functions as a prisoner torture chamber.

One of the atrocities the Japanese army was the killing of prisoners by way of chopped. Do not stop there, the body which had been cut into pieces were then doused with hot water and salt to make sure the body was lifeless. Mystical aura is then invited one of the national private stations to use the detention room in the cave area Bukittinggi japan guts of this to the test arena.

Despite it all, the hole japan that have some rooms used as an ammunition room, meeting room, holding room, bedroom, living for workers romusha evoke amazement of the past in the manufacturing process. Japanese Cave has 3 m high, 2 meters wide is undergoing renovation by the government in the form of hardening of the town of Bukittinggi.

So, when you travel to Bukittinggi, this tourist attraction not be missed. The location was in the middle of town provides easy access for visitors. To go down the stairs as the entrance to the cave entrance was tiring Japan (128 steps). But everything will be paid off with what is presented in it. Progress architecture, cool atmosphere to the mystical aura will pay in full power have been wasted. On the plus again with beautiful gardens and panoramic canyon posted Sianok fascinating.

It's a travel experience that you'll never forget.

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