Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kerupuk Sanjai

In addition to the iconic rendang culinary tour of the town of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, crackers or Kerupuk Sanjai cassava is also a culinary tour one of the icons of this city. For tourists who come to visit this city will not complete it if not buy snacks crackers sanjai as souvenirs.

Kerupuk Sanjai is a type of cassava chips made from thinly sliced ​​or cut. When finished cut, and then dried in the sun to dry cassava for easy fried and crispy results. So that the results are not bland fried, then after cassava removed from the pan and leave it for a while and then sprinkled with seasonings. Once this process is completed, then Kerupuk Sanjai  ready meal is served to the family and for sale.

These snacks are usually sold in markets located in the city of Bukittinggi. Merchants can sell freely because they are supported by the City of Bukittinggi who intentionally build a special location in the marketplace for merchants to sell various snacks especially Kerupuk Sanjai. In addition to the City of Bukittinggi, in some cities, such as the city of Padang Panjang, Kota Payakumbuh, and the city of Padang also can be found vendors selling Kerupuk Sanjai .

Kerupuk Sanjai made by the City of Bukittinggi has good taste and crunchy. The advantage is of course closely related to the processing of good and proper selection of raw materials. Another plus, Kerupuk Sanjai also famous stand in a long time without changing the taste.

In processing the material to be snacks, cracker-makers need a long time. For example, in selecting the raw material of cassava, cassava chosen with good quality that deliberately brought in from various places. Cassava is then sliced ​​thinly or cut and dried in the hot sun, so that the water content in the cassava to dry.

Once considered, cassava that has been dried and then fried. Usually the frying process uses a large container or pot with a good cooking oil. This is done, so taste the fried crackers are not mixed with other ex-frying and the result feels more crispy fried. Once finished fried crackers, the next step is to make seasoning for kerrupuk. In order not fried crackers was bland, it needs to be mixed with herbs to create a delicious flavor.

Kerupuk Sanjai are also processed and presented in some variety of different flavors. The author developed several flavors, such as salty, fresh, the combination of salty and sweet, spicy flavor, and the combination of sweet and spicy. Presentation Kerupuk Sanjai with different taste, the course will provide many alternative choices for buyers. But usually, we know sanjai chips with a spicy-sweet taste.

Kerupuk Sanjai can be found at several locations in the town of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Locations include areas Biaro, Pasar Atas, Pasar Bawah, Market Foreign Padang, and Aur Kuning Market in Bukittinggi City.

Sanjai Nagari is located about 3 kilometers from the city of Bukittinggi is the location of the typical snacks from West Sumatra. Dominant livelihood of the population are domestic industry producing this sweet crackers.

At least, hundreds more families who produce crackers sanjai for sale not only in the City Bukittingi but also supplied to the various regions in Sumatra and even down to the neighboring provinces such as North Sumatra, Riau up to several cities in Java.

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