Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pantai Padang

Pantai Padang or Padang Beach also referred to as Tapi Lauik or Taplau by the local people, is situated in close proximity from the ferry port on the costal area from Samudra Street to Puruih.

The sea water is muddy and not quite suitable for swimming, however being surrounded by hills and trees the beach is ideal for strolling and watching the sunset and relaxing.

The atmosphere is also pleasant and not too windy besides the shade from the trees provides an opportunity to hide from the rays of the sun.

There are several eateries and food stalls along the beach which make this place a lively nightspot, where people come for dining.

Tourists are told to be aware during high tides as the flow of currents can get very strong and the wave’s rough, so at such times, it is best not to venture out alone on the beach or with children and family.

Various package holiday tours are offered every holiday season arrives. As in the long Idul Fitri holiday today. While going home, visitors can also enjoy the natural beauty of the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, as well as testing the guts to exercise parasailing and banana boat.

This exercise will probably be a fun experience. Especially for those new first time trying to fly with parasailing which is guaranteed to be the first experience unforgettable. Traction motor boat that brings in height will be more indulgent and satisfying the curiosity of the beauty of the coast of Padang. Even more exciting, make a helping wind blows towing rope up and down so it felt to fall in the middle of the sea area.

But for the fear of heights need not worry. This beach also offers banana boating facilities. Rubber boats shaped like bananas can be climbed five people with motor boat pulled. The visitors can enjoy the fierce waves and floating above the sea water.

No need to hesitate about security. By removing the cost of Rp100.000 for parasailing and Rp35.000 for the banana boat, the two sports is already equipped with safety standards. Visitors can also test the ability and courage so that the Lebaran holidays became more exciting.

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