Monday, April 4, 2011

Tour de Singkarak

Tour de Singkarak 2011 will be held starting next June. The competition was attended by 225 riders from 10 teams in the country and 15 overseas teams and taking seven stages.

This year's Tour de Singkarak entering his third year. This championship has officially become an annual event organizer Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

For this year, UCI set a Tour de Singkarak held on 6 to June 12, 2011.

This year's competition melombakan seven stages across a variety of natural beauty and culture in 12 districts / cities in West Sumatra with a total distance of 813 kilometers.

Stage Details are as follows. Padang Stage I, Stage II, Padang - Pariaman, Stage III Pariaman - Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi Stage IV - Payakumbuh, Stage V Payakumbuh - Sawahlunto, Stage VIA Sawahlunto - Pagaruyung, VIB Pagaruyung Stage - Stage VII Padangpanjang and Padang Panjang - Lake Batur. Several new attractions will be part of the race track path including Harau Valley.

Total Stage this year increased compared to the previous year that is six. Last year Tour de Singkarak cover a total distance of 551.7 kilometers.

For this year's race followed by 225 cyclists from 10 teams in the domestic and 15 international teams.

Director General of Marketing Kemudpar RI Sapta Nirwandar convey that to support these activities the government formed a partnership with Amaury Sport Organization in France to improve the quality of and help bring the best racers from the continent of America and Europe.

ASO which will provide consulting organization of the Tour de Singkarak 2011 is the leading sports event organizers who have long experience in organizing the Tour de France, Paris Dakkar rally and the Paris Marathon. ASO themselves argue that the quality of the Tour de Singkarak very likely to be upgraded to class sporting event of the Tour de France.

Twice held, Tour de Singkarak in the realm of Minangkabau, West Sumatra, apparently attracted the attention of Amaury Sport Organization, or ASO. General Manager of ASO Baptiste Kern, met the Minister of Culture and Tourism, represented by the Director of the Directorate General of Marketing Promotion Facility Esthy Reko Astuti, to explore cooperation. In fact, Baptiste also visited a route that bypassed the bike rider in the Tour de Singkarak the event.

ASO Tour de Singkarak aiming to encourage the acceleration of the Tour de Singkarak 2011 campaign to become a much bigger performance in the eyes of the world. “Later, in stages, Tour de Singkarak will be able to be aligned and of the Tour de France,” said Baptiste Kern.

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