Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bukittinggi Profile

The City of Bukittinggi is one of the cities in West Sumatera Province. Bukittinggi city is geographically located between 100.210 and 100.250 degrees east longitude between 00.760 00.190 degrees latitude south. Bukittinggi City area in the north bordering the Agam regency, in the east to the Agam regency while the western border with Agam regency and the south by Agam District. The total area of 25.24 km2 Bukittinggi city which is divided into three districts.

Tourism and shopping are two things that can not be separated from the life of this city. Of natural beauty in some of the areas main attraction. Trade center was so easy to find. Small town which covers only 0.06 percent of the area of West Sumatra province is popularly known as the Town Clock Tower.

Clock Tower, which means the big clock at the same time become a symbol of downtown. From the tower where stands the Clock Tower is tourism activities and shopping can begin. Because the nuances of historical places which witnessed urban development in the past such as the former residence of Bung Hatta, Fort Fort de Kock, and holes Japan is not far from it. The city also has facilities and adequate supporting infrastructure such as 60 hotels and 15 travel agencies.

Bukittinggi is also known as a city of trade and services. The presence of Upper Market, market bottom, and Simpang Pasar Aur, Aur Market Yellow or well known. The market is one of the container communities of economic activity. Unless other markets that sell retail goods, Aur Kuning Market specializes in demand for goods in bulk or wholesale. Similarly, the Tanah Abang Market in Jakarta, as well as local people call this market as the Land of His brother Bukittinggi. Aur Kuning Market is the largest with buildings occupying 12,872 square meters. Inside there are 1340 units of shops and plots los 3557 units which are all fully charged.
In the center of craft, In this city, especially local handicrafts embroidery that adorn various model kebaya and mukena offered. Bukittinggi original embroidery designs typically utilize techniques that pertained directly rather complicated and time-consuming.

The city of Bukittinggi is also considered to be very suitable as a city of education. Education in relatively advanced high hill in the appeal other areas in West Sumatera.

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