Monday, January 10, 2011

Danau Di Atas Danau Di Bawah

Solok district that is rich in beautiful lakes. No fewer than four of the lake found there, namely: Lake in Upper Lake at the Bottom, Lake Batur and Lake Talang. I am really lucky to be able to visit some of them and enjoy its natural beauty.

Lake in the Upper and Lower Lakes are often referred to as Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is comprised of two separate lake about 1 km distance. Although practically twins, both completely different both from the area, shape and height. We can see both of them together when they are very high, maybe when were in the helicopter.

The two lakes are separated in a distance of about a mile it's got its own uniqueness. Lake named Above precisely located below. And, conversely, Lake Bottom is located at the top. The water level of Lake On the Lake water level with elementary Down because they are different depths so far away.

In addition, twin lake has also become one of tourism object which is rumored to continue to try to be developed by the government of the District of Solok. It is seen from a number of facilities available in the vicinity. Twin Lake Panorama, for example, has a pretty garden-landscaped gardens plus a permanent bench of cement a place to sit relax.

There are also some of the gazebo to place people look at the beauty that lay On Lake area, set in picturesque valley of Gumanti. Just near the parking lot, there is a hall-like building that is locked and the walls are dull.

Here and there appear scattered garbage. There is a pack of biscuits, some plastic bottles and glass of mineral water. The location of this lake tour impressed hidden from the hustle and bustle of tourist traffic that echoed the government. Meeting hall built near Lake Under even looks a bit shabby unkempt. Similarly tour tilled water that did not seem serious, though admittedly the means highway built to the location of the Padang is relatively good.

In this twin lakes, water tourism can only be done on Lake On Top. Visitors can only motor boating "traditional" around the lake at a rate of Rp 5,000 per person. The lake is relatively "shallow", only about 44 meters deep. Meanwhile, Lake Down, with a depth of more than 800 meters, it is impossible to explore by boat. "People are generally scared because of its depth," said Mr Ancun, a motor boat owners there.

In the tourist sites of the lake water clearly that no other facilities, such as water bikes at the edge. Similarly, no special facilities for visitors who have a hobby of fishing. It is said that more entertainment facilities. In fact, at that location there is only one small shop, with seating limited to just sip coffee while enjoying snacks.

That said, the actual location of this great tour so less attractive because of the limited facilities department. Visitors were most of the citizens of West Sumatra itself. It may be too many people outside do not know the particulars of Sumatra natural charm of this two volcanic lakes.
To reach the tourist area of Twin Lakes is actually not difficult. Located about 60 kilometers southeast of Padang, the trip can be taken approximately one hour by private vehicle. With public transportation routes or Padang Padang, Alahan Panjang, Muara Labuh, the trip can take up to two hours.

Along the way, a relatively good road conditions and wide enough, even though a lot of twists and climb the rather steep. After the Municipality District Sitinjau Laut, about 30 kilometers from Padang, we begin to be treated to a very beautiful natural scenery. In one of the roads in this sub region also has a sharp bend in the road very slippery, so the drivers should be extra careful driving a car.

After the city's districts, there are many sharp turns to enter the area called Lubuk Selasih. If it does not hold, such conditions can-can make the stomach feel queasy. But, as far as the eye could see, that looks just green hills open to the sky is blue. In Lubuk Selasih also has the fork: the northeast toward the town of Solok, while the direction to the southeast toward Alahan Panjang. From a distance also looks that are still active Mount Talang rose as high as 2597 meters.

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