Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jenjang 40

Bukittinggi is known as the City Tour, with the Clock Tower, Canyon and Hole Sianok Japang as its icon. Icon actually have one more, namely: Ladder 40 (Jenjang 40).

To contact the Pasar Atas to Pasar Bawah and PasarBanto built Jejang 40. Indeed there are stair on the ladder of 100 pieces. Established in 1898 became the Assistant Westeenek Agam.

Bunch of stairs or ladder alias number 40 is located at the rear of Pasar Atas Bukittinggi. That's when we see it from the famous Clock Tower. But for those who come from the Market or Jalan Soekarno Hatta Banto that connects the city of Bukittinggi in Payakumbuh, the slender 40 is the gateway to the Upper Market Bukittinggi.

Actually the number 40 was rung bunch more than 40 pieces, exactly 100 pieces of stairs. That is, if counted from the bottom step of Youth started the sidewalk. Then why in the name the bunch at 40?

40 This figure is the number of steps contained in the steepest part at the very top of the bunch is 40. Ladder is to connect the Pasar Atas to Pasar Banto and Pasar Bawah.

For those of you who to Bukittinggi, it certainly is not complete if it did not visit the Ladder 40. Initially many merchants selling at this level. However, since in recent years, the region is free from the merchant. Only on the left and right levels are still a store or shop there.

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