Friday, July 1, 2011

Goa Ngalau Indah

Goa Ngalau Indah or beautiful grotto is the name of a cave on the slopes of hills located in Payakumbuh. Inside are stalagmites and stalactite rock formed from limestone deposition process that lasted hundreds of years. Both kinds of stone carving has a variety of shapes, with amazing ornaments, such as: space bedroom, chair, mosquito nets and so forth.

So that visitors can enjoy the scenery with the more liberal grotto, the local government to build some support facilities, such as: lighting, connecting road and stairs.

From the hills around the grotto, tourists can see the panorama of the city Payakumbuh that lay in plain sight. The combination of urban layout of buildings, green trees and vast expanse of paddy fields is one unit of Payakumbuh sheen.

While the scenery around the grotto is also not less interesting. Before entering into a grotto or rather in front of the entrance of tourists greeted with a carving of the stone that resembles an elephant. Entering the grotto, tourists will get a treat various stone carvings are engraved inside the grotto. Various shapes and carved rocks are named according to shape the stone, such as: chairs, bed nets, and bedroom. The visitors who feel tired or longer want to enjoy the Ngalau Indah can stop and sit back and relax on the rocks. In other parts of the Grotto, there is a white stone Tira a beam of light when exposed to light, can reflect light such a beautiful sheen.

One of the Ngalau Indah cave walls are cream-colored with beautiful curves. Unfortunately ignorant hands still littering the beauty of this Ngalau Indah cave wall.

Spacious room, not far from the mouth of the cave where there are beautiful stone grotto first elephant, and several other large rocks that resembled an altar.

Beautiful stalactite grotto which resembles a giant mouth agape with rows of sharp teeth which partially chipped. Rock stalactite and stalagmite in the cave Ngalau Indah is named by the locals, among them called the Stone of Tear Drops, stalk Stone Umbrella, Mosquito nets Stone, Stone Curtain Bride, and Mother Crying Stone.

Attractions Ngalau Indah can be reached by land transportation. From the city of Padang to Payakumbuh, trips taken about 3 hours by private vehicle or public transport. If using public transport, cost of 20,000, 00 to Rp. 25000.00 per person. When from Bukittinggi is only about 0.5 hours drive.

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